Conference Papers and Presentations

Complete drafts of the conference papers are due April 10, 2015.


Please make sure that the cover page of your papers contains:

  1. The paper title
  2. Authors’ names
  3. Authors’ affiliations
  4. Authors’ e-mail addresses
  5. Date submitted

Conference papers should not exceed 10,000 words, including bibliography and references (and much shorter is usually much better). Please submit them with standard margins (no less than one inch on all sides) and please use any standard 12-point font for the main text. When you send them in, please let us know if it is okay for us to make your paper available to other conference participants online. Use any style guidelines of your choice. Please e-mail your papers in PDF format to


Conference Presentations

Please prepare a presentation of 15 minutes. We are organizing panels of four papers that will be about 2 hours, depending on how many papers are finally received. We would like to maximize time for discussion. Each panel will have a chair and discussion leader. Powerpoint projectors will be available for those wishing to use Powerpoint. We do not encourage Powerpoint use, but if used sparingly and without excessive text, it can be a positive tool. Please prepare your presentation so that you can conclude with a few words on what you see as new and emerging issues and areas in need of attention and research.