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Global Environmental Change Special Issue:
  • Marino, Elizabeth and J. Ribot (eds). Special issue on Adding Insult to Injury: Climate Change, Social Stratification, and the Inequities of Intervention. Global Environmental Change. Vol. 22, No. 2.
    • Marino, Elizabeth, Jesse Ribot – Special Issue Introduction: Adding insult to injury: Climate change and the inequities of climate intervention
    • Beymer, Betsy A., Thomas J. Bassett – The REDD menace: Resurgent protectionism in Tanzania’s mangrove forests
    • Farbotko, Carl, Heather Lazrus – The first climate refugees? Contesting global narratives of climate change in Tuvalu
    • Lynch, Barbara D. – Vulnerabilities, competition and rights in a context of climate change toward equitable water governance in Peru’s Rio Santa Valley
    • Marino, Elizabeth – The long history of environmental migration: Assessing vulnerability construction and obstacles to successful relocation in Shishmaref, Alaska
    • McDowell, Julia Z., Jeremy J. Hess – Accessing adaptation: Multiple stressors on livelihoods in the Bolivian highlands under a changing climate
    • McEvoy, Jamie, Margaret Wilder – Discourse and desalination: Potential impacts of proposed climate change adaptation interventions in the Arizona–Sonora border region
    • Rebotier, Julien – Vulnerability conditions and risk representations in Latin-America: Framing the territorializing urban risk
Applied Geography Special Issue:
Global Environmental Change Editorial: